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Because the hard drive containing the program's source code has failed a couple of years ago, and also because I currently work in the banking sector and have no contact with spectroscopy anymore, project Spektrus is terminated. I must sadly inform that there will be no future versions. At the same time I want to thank for all the suggestions and kind words about the program, and I'm happy that it still useful.

Mikolaj Pytel

Spektrus 1.0

version from 24.05.2002

About the program

The program displays graphically the emission spectra of elementsfrom 1 to 99, in the visible, infrared, and ultraviolet ranges. The program is intended mainly for learning purposes for high-schooland college students, as well as a handy help for simple emission spectra analysis for physics and astronomy research staff andstudents.  For that reason the program gets the freeware status, i.e. it may bedistributed freely without any limitations.

Hardware requirements:

The program needs a Windows 9x/NT/XP operating system, a mouse, a video card working in the High-Color (15 or 16 bit / pixel)or True Color mode, and about 3.5 Mb free space on disk.  The program was successfully tested on computers with processorsranging from 486 to AMD Athlon and Windows 98, NT and XP.

How to get the program:

Program installer (1 220 184  bytes) is here:spek10.exe.  In case of problems with theinstaller you can also download a zipped version without an installer, to beunzipped and executed from any directory: spek10.zip(1 154 396 bytes).  Mail me ifyou want to be automatically notified about future versions of the program.

What's new in version

What was new in version

Questions and suggestions regarding theprogram:

Send mail to mpytel@klub.chip.pl. Without users' input there will be no new versions of Spektrus. 

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